Patient’s Rights
a) The right to considerate care, with full respect of patient’s dignity, regardless of nationality, color, age, sex, religion, and disability (if any )

b) The right to know the name of the physician, nurses, and staff members involved in the treatment

c) The right to be seen by the consultant within twenty four hours
from admission and on a regular basis after that during the
episode of admission

d) The right to know the physician in a language that patient
understands all the information about the case, diagnosis, and
the treatment plan any other instructions about the follow – up

e) Convenient atmosphere should be provided where patient can discuss openly and in full confidentiality about illness

f) To know the reason for any test or diagnostic procedures that will be done, and who is going to do them and the right to know the treatment and who is going to deliver it

g) The right to know the nature and inherent risks of any procedure to which the patient has given consent

h) The right to refuse signing the consent form for any test that he feels does not have information about

i) The right to change his mind and to refuse the test that have agreed upon

j) The right to limit those persons who would visit or call during admission, in accordance with hospital policy and procedure

j) The right to refuse treatment after knowing and being aware of
the consequence

l) The right to expect his personal privacy to be respected to the fullest extent consistent with the care prescribed for

m) The right to expect that all communications and others records
pertaining to be kept confidential

l) The right to obtain any information or d oc uments, such as medical reports, sick leave, etc. as docu men ted in the medical chart

o) The right to request consultation or second opinion from other
physician(s) through the treating consultant guided by the
hospital’s administrative policy

p) The right to request for a change of physicians as per hospital policy

q) The right to change or transfer to other hospital as per policy

r) The right to refuse to participate in Medical Training Program and Research Projects. And he /she has the right to withdraw at any stage, from an on- going research in which the patient has been participating, without the consequences that affects the care given to him

s) The right to be discharged from the hospital, against the physician’s advice

t) The right to choose the person who would represent him in
signing the hospital docu men ts including release of

u) When discharged from the hospital, have the right to have medicine prescriptions, follow- up appointment and all the information and the training needed to be able to take care of themselves at home ( if case requires

Patient Responsibilities
a) To know and follow the law of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the hospital rules and regulations as explained by the hospital staff

b) To provide accurate and complete information concerning
the present complaints, past illnesses and hospitalizations,
and other matters relating to his / her illness

c) To make it known whether he /she clearly comprehend the
course of the medical treatment

d) To follow the treatment plan established by the physician, including the instructions of nurses and other health professionals as they carry out the doctor’s order

e) Is responsible for the actions should he refused treatment or not follow the physician’s order

f) To notify the physicians, the Head Nurse or the Social Worker representative of any dissatisfaction in regards to the care at the hospital

g) Be considerate of the rights of other patients and hospital
personnel, and assist in the control of noise, smoking, and
other possible sources of unnecessary disturbance and / or

h) Show respect and consideration of other patients, visitors and hospital priorities

i) Sign the informed consent for surgery, medical or interventional procedures that may be needed during admission or in case he insisted to be discharges against medical advise, and other forms requested by the hospital

j) Be aware that the hospital is committed to high standards of care and hospitality for patients and their families

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